Baby Yoda is in trouble! Get him to safety by avoiding oncoming obstacles. 

Instructions for playing the game with your Keyboard or Gamepad:

Use the WASD/Arrow keys to move your XWing  to avoid oncoming obstacles and Space bar or Mouse Left Button to blast glowing obstacles.  Use the Tilde/Backspace key to Pause/Unpause and show settings (adjust audio levels, and enable/disable Post Processing). 

Hold the Tilde/Backspace key to quick exit game..

If using GamePad, Right stick controls movement and Left Trigger for Lasers. Use the GamePad 'Y' Button to Pause/Unpause and show settings (adjust audio levels, and enable/disable Post Processing). 

Hold the GamePad 'Y' button to quick exit game.

C# Unity game source for those interested is here:

Many things I'd like to do to spruce this up..but all I could do to get in by the recent SciFi Miami Gamejam clock...


Baby Yodas Escape is not affiliated with Lucasfilm Limited or The Walt Disney Company.  Star Wars and Star Wars character names are trademarks of Lucasfilm Limited / The Walt Disney Company. Baby Yodas Escape neither owns nor claims to own any portion of the Star Wars franchise. Baby Yodas Escape is an unaffiliated, fan-created game based off of products owned by the companies listed above. All custom artwork and coding for Baby Yodas Escape is credited to their creators, but intellectual property is owned by the above as well.

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