This Unity WebGL game is a platform game with levels that get increasingly difficult. The game's premise is to identify the AI fish that are 'chameleons' (change their colors), before running out of time.


Use your Up/Down/Left/Right ARROW keys to pan around the scene looking carefully (but quickly) at each fish. For the fish you observe that are different (i.e. Changing their colors), hit the <LEFT MOUSE BUTTON>. Use the mouse to hover over the suspected fish to highlight. Hit <LEFT MOUSE BUTTON> again to remove the highlighted fish and keep going.  Don't linger too long as the timer keeps going while you're trying to decide which fish to highlight!

Hit <P> to Pause/Unpause the game while playing, and to see Audio Settings and Help.

Hit <O> to turn on/off Post Processing effects, which can sometimes impact performance.  Additional 'Quality' level adjustments are in the Settings/Help panel if the game runs too slow.

To EXIT the game, you can hold the <ESC> key for a few seconds. 

Thanks for playing!!

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